Wednesday 7 December 2022

Panzerfaust Usage

 "To commanders of formations and units of the 1st Mechanized Krasnograd Corps
Copy to: 37th MBr

Recent battles showed that the enemy is using "Faust" grenade launchers against our tanks and SPGs. In street fighting they are used against infantry, firing positions, etc.

When the enemy retreats, the "Fausts" are left behind in large amounts in working condition and can be used to combat enemy tanks, SPGs, personnel, and objects fortified for long term defense.

However, most commanders do not allocate the necessary attention to collecting, storing, studying, and using this simple and highly penetrating weapon.

The corps commander orders that:

  1. Unit and formation commanders must pay serious attention to teaching personnel to use the "Faust" grenade launcher.
    Plan gunnery training to develop a plan on how to teach personnel to work with the grenade launcher and use it in battle against enemy tanks, SPGs, infantry, and various fortifications. Use the label "how to use the captured Faust grenade launcher".
  2. Personnel and officers, especially tank and SPG crews, artillerymen, mortar and machine gun crews, must be taught to identify, find, and destroy Faustpatrone troops.
  3. One or two excellent Faustpatrone shooters from each motorized rifle platoon that know the weapon's design and operation by April 8th, 1945. Train them as instructors and use them to teach other personnel.
  4. Gunnery training at shooting ranges must be organized in addition to dedicated study time.
  5. Weekly reports must summarize progress of teaching personnel to use the "Faust" in a separate section.
Chief of Staff of the 1st Mechanized Krasnograd Corps, Colonel Yershov
April 3rd, 1945"

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