World of Tanks History Section

The Russian World of Tanks website contains a series of articles on the history of tanks, battles, and national tank building. I periodically translate them and put them on this blog.



Colonial wars
Spanish Civil War
Tanks in the Far East
Battle for the Chinese East Railroad, 1929
Khalkin-Gol, 1939
Stonne, 1940
Battle of Raseiniai, 1941
Operation Typhoon, 1941
Tankers in Typhoon's way, October 1941
Defense of the Maloyaroslavl Fortified Region, October 1941
Baryshev's Raid, 1942
Battle of Stalingrad, 1942-1943
Operation Uranus, 1942
Battle for Sagopshin, September 1942
Sinyavino Offensive, September-October 1942
Sherman's Debut, October 1942
Artillery at Stalingrad, November 1942
5th Tank Army in Operation Uranus, November 1942
Operation Winter Storm, December 1942
Battles for Burma Road, 1942-1944
136th Rifle Division in Operation Spark, January 1943
Dancing with Tigers, January 1943
Workers' Village #6, January 1943
Operation Star, February 1943
Summary of the Battle of Kursk, 1943
Battle for Teploye, July 1943
Battle for Lukhanino, July 1943
Kursk, Secondary Direction, July 1943
Panther's failed debut, July 1943
Battle of Prohorovka, July 1943
Tank battle at Prokhorovka: Zamulin interview, July 1943
Battle of Ponyri, July 1943
Mius Front, July-August 1943
Liberation of Kharkov, August 1943
Panther ambush at Zhudre, August 1943
Battle for Trostyanets, August 1943
Operation Avalanche, September 1943
Smolensk-Roslavl Offensive, September 1943
Liberation of Smolensk, August-October 1943
Kiev Operation, September-November 1943
Liberation of Fastov, November 1943
Defense of Fastov, November 1943
Defense of Yastrebenka, November 1943
Liberation of Novgorod, January 1944
Best Tankers of the Leningrad Front, January 1944
Taming the Panthers, January 1944
Uman-Botoshani Offensive, March-April 1944
Dniepr-Carpathian Counterattack, April 1944
Friebe at Tarnopol, April 1944
Normandy in Pictures, June 1944
Panthers at Bretteville-l’Orgueilleuse (June 1944)
Operation Bagration, June-August 1944
Operation Overlord, June-August 1944
Engineering Overlord
Battle for Bogushevsk, June 1944
Liberation of Senno, June 1944
Battle for Dompaire, September 1944
Defense of Bastogne, December 1944
Tiger Armageddon, January 1945
Battle for the Philippines, January-February 1945
Taking Iwo Jima, February-March 1945
Operation Spring Awakening, March 1945
Battle for Binnen, March 1945
Fall of Berlin, April 1945
Taking of Brno, April 1945
1st Guards Tank Brigade in Berlin, April-May 1945
Tanks in Berlin, April-May 1945
Battle for Shumshu, August 1945
Soviet-Japanese War, August-September 1945
Pattons in Korea
How France lost Vietnam

Tank Building:

Precursors to tanks
Soviet (ongoing)
Japanese heavy tanks

Anti-Tank Exotics:

Today in History

January 9th, 1900: Vasiliy Gavrilovich Grabin's birthday
February 6th, 1942: Toropetsk-Holmsk Offensive Operation
Ferbruary 11th, 1940: Karelian Offensive
February 20th, 1945: Birth of the IS-3
February 25th, 1945: Pershing in combat
February 27th, 1916: Big Willie
March 13th, 1937: Second stage of the Guadalajara operation
March 18th, 1919: Capture of the Renault FT-17
March 25th, 1945: Siegfried Line breached
April 10th, 1944: Liberation of Odessa
April 24th, 1918: First tank battle
May 1st, 1945: Taking the Reichstag
June 6th, 1944: Normandy Landing
June 6th, 1944: Operation Overlord
June 10th, 1944: Wyborg Offensive
June 17th, 1929: Birth of the RKKA Mechanized Forces
June 21st, 1931: Christie tank trials completed
July 13th, 1940: Panzerbuchse 41 trials
July 17th, 1942: Battle of Stalingrad begins
July 20th, 1915: Vezdekhod trials
July 27th, 1942: First Battle of El-Alamein
July 29th, 1938: Conflict at Lake Hasan
August 7th, 1942: Battle of Guadalcanal
August 20th, 1932: Completion of the T-35 prototype
August 22nd, 1943: Aftermath of Kursk
August 27th, 1915: Tsar tank trials
September 2nd, 1942: First flight of the T-60 tank
September 7th, 1945: Victory parade in Berlin
September 15th, 1916: Battle of the Somme
November 19th, 1942: Operation Uranus
November 21st, 1943: D-25T trials
December 19th, 1939: T-34's birthday



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