Monday 25 January 2016

Plans for 1941

Item % ready as of July 1st, 1941
ZiS-36 trials -
Research into means for tanks to cross anti-tank obstacles -
Trials of the KIM-10 low powered car -
Composition of instructions for 45 mm gun repairs 3
Trials of smoke launchers for the T-34 and KV -
Trials of a smoke device for the T-28 10
Technical requirements and manual for field repair and service of the T-40 40
Technical requirements and manual for field repair and service of the KV 30
Technical requirements and manual for field repair and service of the T-34 30
Garage equipment -
Type K1-2 hand pumps 100
Fiber and black tin containers for lubricants and aircraft oil 55
Racks for automotive and tank equipment and ammunition on wheeled vehicles -
X-Ray quality control for welding seams -
Trials of imported fire-resistant and oil-resistant paints 100
Investigation of design and materials used in domestic and foreign fighting vehicle engines -
Trials of GAZ-AA ball bearings with rolled babbit liners -
Electrical filter system design 6
Design of stealth headlights for tanks and armoured cars 30

Item Scheduled start date Scheduled end date Cost in 1941 in thousands of roubles
Heavily armoured tank May 1941 August 1941 122
Towed APC June 1941 August 1941 17
Chemical trailer July 1941 September 1941 21
Single motorcycle with 350 cubic cm engine July 1941 September 1941 9
Motorcycle with sidecar with 1200 cubic cm engine August 1941 October 1941 8
Infantry support tank with F-32 gun and coaxial DS machinegun July 1941 October 1941 59
Motorcycle with sidecar with 750 cubic cm engine July 1941 October 1941 8
T-40, T-34, and KV tank field repair and maintenance manual January 1941 November 1941 225
Technical requirements for medium repair of T-34, KV, T-40, and BA-11 January 1941 November 1941 120
Trials of foreign vehicle engines January 1941 October 1941 35
Analysis of tank building (part 2) January 1941 May 1941 10

Definitely some interesting things here, like smoke launchers and Notek-like headlights for Soviet tanks, as well as two very vague tank prototypes, but the most interesting thing is the poor readiness of documentation for new tanks. The fancy new T-34 and KV only have their repair and maintenance instructions 30% complete by the start of the war, and even the T-40 amphibious tank has its (presumably much simpler) instructions 40% complete, with all of those due for completion in November of 1941. The situation at the repair depots isn't much better either, with instructions for medium repairs also not scheduled for completion until November, and not for lack of funding. It's no wonder that new Soviet tanks showed poor reliability in the early days of the war.

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