Thursday 7 January 2016

Too Much Power

"To comrade Stalin

GOKO decree issued on March 12th, 1944 #5378ss accepted the 580 hp V-11 diesel engine, to be installed in the IS tank. Preparations for production of these diesel engines is complete, however due to the poor suitability of production IS tanks for an increased power engine, only 150 V-11 engines were made instead of the 720 ordered by the decree.

The People's Commissariat of Tank Production is currently modernizing IS tanks and SPGs in order to be able to use the 580 hp V-11 diesel engine.

Considering the improved reliability of the V-11 engine compared to the V-2 engine, we ask you to permit the NKTP to produce IS tanks and SPGs with 520 hp V-11 diesel engines until the modernization is complete.

A draft of the GOKO decree is provided for your approval.

L. Beria
V. Malyshev
Ya. Fedorenko."

RGASPI 644-2-395


  1. Why 580 hp V-11 diesel engine is unsuitable for IS tanks?

    1. There's only so much power you can put through a transmission. I would guess that the stock transmission couldn't handle the extra engine power.