Thursday 4 February 2016

Foam vs Tanks

"To Military Engineer 1st class Alymov
Deputy Chief of the Armoured Directorate

According to our information, the Swedish army is producing a new method of fighting tanks, which consists of 100 parts bicarbonate, 100 parts sulphide base, and 1 part acid. The result is a dense mass, which is put in an air-tight bottle. When the bottle is thrown against a tank and ruptures, the mass increases in volume 500 times and plugs all holes in the tank, rendering the tank crew blind.

I ask for you opinion on this subject.

Deputy Chief of the Information Department
Intelligence Department of the Chief of Staff

Brigade engineer Panfilov
November 16th, 1941"

CAMD RF 38-11355-298

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  1. Hm... maybe something for the Swedish armed forces to try nowadays, seeing as we have virtually no defence left.