Wednesday 24 February 2016

Harsh Reality

People have complained about how Front or Army level documents sometimes lack the amount of detail they want. The harsh reality of war is that the Front or Army HQ is usually in a much safer place than, say, the Brigade HQ.

"The following Corps unit combat documents are missing:
  • Combat orders, corps and brigade level (50th, 51st Tank Brigade, 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade)
  • Operative summaries (50th, 51st Tank Brigade, 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade), combat journal (51st Tank Brigade, 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade)
Aforementioned documents from the 50th and 51st Tank Brigades burned up with the tanks of the chiefs of staff, parts of the 51st Tank Brigade documents disappeared along with the operations department secretary. Documents from the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade burned up along with the HQ tank during a bombing raid.

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