Tuesday 11 October 2016

T-60 Amour QA

"To the director of the Vyksa "DRO" factory, comrade Volkov
CC: GABTU Military Representative at the "DRO" factory, Military Engineer 2nd Grade comrade Zimin
CC: Military Machinebuilding Department

Reply to 5/109s

The list of parts to be tested by shooting and parts not to be tested by shooting are attached to technical requirements #060 TU-1 (wartime conditions for producing "060" T-70 hulls) sent to your address. Use these requirements as a benchmark. The conditions for testing plates (type of bullet, number of hits, range) are specified in the wartime requirements for tank armour, which are also present at your factory.

Test 10% of front, side, and rear hull plates and turrets according to the military representative's orders.

Deputy GABTU BTU Chief, Military Engineer 1st Grade, Alymov
GABTU BTU Military Commissar [illegible]"

CAMD RF 38-11355-20

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