Friday 13 January 2017

F-39 95 mm gun

F-95 tank gun.

The project never moved past the draft stage. The same, however, cannot be said for its towed predecessor.

F-28 95 mm divisional gun.

The gun was created as a part of a program to increase the caliber of divisional artillery from 76 mm to 95 mm (improvement in HE performance from going up to 85 mm was considered insufficient, although there was a later 85 mm divisional gun project). However, after the gun passed preliminary trials, the requirements for divisional artillery increased again to the 107 mm caliber and the project died. More detailed photos of the F-28 are available here.


  1. So then the claims that the F-39 were mounted to the T-28 are incorrect?

    1. Yes. The "photograph" of the gun in the tank was edited. If you look at it carefully, it looks nothing like this sketch.