Thursday 26 January 2017

T-34 Sketch

The fact that German soldiers didn't have the best idea of what a T-34 looked like already cropped up on my blog. However, if they were equipped with identification guides like these, that isn't too surprising.

The caption reads "particularly suitable places to attach explosive charges and T-mines on the 32 ton tank". The weight is also incorrect, but prophetic: the mass of the final iteration of the T-34-85 reached 32 tons.


  1. Hello,
    Is there any truth in the story of the A20 being offered to Germany prior to WW2?

    1. I have a list of tanks that German intelligence believed the Red Army to possess, the A-20 or anything that even superficially resembles it is not among them. I haven't heard anything from the Soviet side about such an offer either.

  2. Peter, thank you for answering, much obliged