Monday 6 February 2017

For Infantry, By Infantry

This tank was designed in December of 1942 by Vasiliy Stepanovich Greshnikov, an infantryman, giving a rather interesting view into what infantry wants out of their tank.

"Explanatory memo"
TNPP (Direct Infantry Support Tank), light, tracked, with a 75-100 hp engine
Suspension: torsion bar (idler in the rear)
Controlled by friction clutches
Clearance: variable, up to 400 mm
Track: small link
  • Automatic or regular 82 mm mortar
  • Simple semiautomatic anti-tank rifle
  • Coaxial submachinegun
Firing arc:
  • Mortar: 360 degrees
  • Anti-tank rifle: 360 degrees
  • Submachinegun: 45 degrees
  • Mortar: 45 to 80 degrees
  • Anti-tank rifle: -5 to +75 degrees"

1 comment:

  1. The basic concept seems rather similar in purpose to the British "carrier" family, ie. moving assorted lighter crew-served support weapons around under some protection, what now rather better protected. (One somewhat wonders about the visibility from the thing though.) Hardly a bad idea as such - the Carriers were quite useful after all - but can't really blame the higher pay grades for preferring the path that eventually led to the SU-76...