Tuesday 11 April 2017

Experimental Guns

"To the Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union, comrade Kulik
July 23th, 1940

I report on the status of experimental work on tank and anti-tank armament specified in meeting minutes from June 16th, 1940
  1. Working blueprints of a powerful 76 mm anti-tank gun based on the USV produced by factory #92 are complete and sent to the manufacturing plants, aside from blueprints for the balancing mechanism and the rear of the mount.
  2. Working blueprints for a powerful 76 mm tank gun based on the F-34 were developed and sent to the manufacturing plants.
  3. Working blueprints for an 85 mm tank gun were completed. Forging has been ordered. The dimensions of the existing KV small turret do not allow for the 85 mm tank gun to be installed. A new KV tank turret is required for installation of this gun.
  4. Factory #92 selected the 57 mm caliber for a new powerful anti-tank gun with a caliber of 55-60 mm. A ballistic solution was sent to Artkom on July 20th, 1940, for approval.
    Blueprints for the system are under development.
  5. Factory #92 is working on a draft of a 45 mm paratrooper gun that can be towed by a motorcycle.
  6. Factory #8 is working on installing an 85 mm mod. 1938 gun on a T-34 chassis with the possibility of converting it back into a T-34.
The first three projects were examined at factory #92, approved, and are presented for approval by the Artillery Committee.

Chief of the Artillery Directorate, Major-General of Artillery Savchenko
Military Commissar of the Artillery Directorate, Brigadier Commissar Lyapin"

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