Tuesday 7 November 2017

Light SPGs

"Decision of the meeting held by the Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Marshall of the Soviet Union, comrade Kulik
May 23rd, 1941

1. It is necessary to have four kinds of SPGs:
  1. SPAAGs
  2. Assault guns
  3. Tank destroyers
  4. Bunker busters
2. The following artillery systems will be used on SPGs:
  1. SPAAGs:
    1. 20 mm autocannon on the T-40 or GAZ-62 chassis.
    2. 23 mm autocannon on the T-40 or GAZ-62 chassis.
    3. 37 mm autocannon on the T-50 chassis.
  2. Assault guns
    1. 76 mm mod. 1927 and 1932 guns on the T-26 chassis.
  3. Tank destroyers:
    1. 57 mm ZIS-2 gun on the T-50 chassis.
    2. 85 mm AA gun on the T-34 chassis.
  4. Bunker busters:
    1. 152 mm Br-2 gun on the KV chassis.
3. The composition of tactical-technical characteristics for experimental SPGs and the setting of deadlines is assigned to:
  • 20 mm and 23 mm guns: Brovalskiy, Kovalenko, Astrov, Lipkhart, Berezin, Shpitalniy, Volkov-Yartsev.
  • 37 mm gun: Chechulin, Kovalev, Ginsburg, Kostin.
  • 76 mm gun: Sorkin, Kovalev, Ginsburg.
  • 57 mm gun: Sorkin, Kovalev, Astrov, Ginsburg, Grabin
  • 85 mm gun: Zasosov, Agrikov, Dorokhin, Morozov.
  • 152 mm gun: Komarov, Voroshilov, Kotin, Ivanov, Vishnyakov.
The tactical-technical characteristics, with deadlines for experimental prototypes, production locations, and production amounts are to be presented for discussion at a meeting with the Marshall of the Soviet Union, comrade Kulik, by 20:00 on May 24th, 1941."

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