Wednesday 8 November 2017

U-20 Requirements

"Tactical-technical characteristics for the development of an experimental prototype of the oscillating part of the 85 mm AA gun on a T-34 tank chassis to create a self propelled anti-tank gun

November 7th, 1941
  1. The oscillating part of the 85 mm mod. 1939 AA gun will be installed on a T-34 tank chassis (with engine) without changes.
  2. The gun mount must meet the following requirements:
    1. Horizontal arc: 360 degrees
    2. Vertical range: from -8 to +30 degrees
    3. Aiming speed from one turn of the flywheel:
      1. Vertical: 1.2 degrees
      2. Horizontal: 3 and 7 degrees
  3. For aiming mechanisms, it is desirable to keep existing parts.
  4. It must be possible to fire on the move, against the direction of movement.
  5. The SPG must carry a tools and spares kit, as well as 30-40 rounds of ammunition.
  6. The SPG must have seats for the gun crew.
  7. The gun platform must make it comfortable to service the gun in firing position.
  8. A shield must protect the crew and mechanisms from bullets and shrapnel.
  9. The SPG must have a removable 7.62 mm machinegun, installed in the driver's cabin, with a forward firing arc.
    The machinegun must also be able to fire at airborne targets.
GAU UVNA Chief, Colonel Sorokin
Acting UVNA Military Commissar, Military Engineer 1st Class, Voznesenskiy
Chief of the UVNA 2nd Department, Military Engineer 1st Class, Anisimov"

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