Wednesday 14 March 2018

Canadian Ratte

The German 1000 ton Ratte tank is a pretty well known device, and similar monstrosities described by well-meaning Soviet citizens volunteering their ideas. Turns out, the Western Allies were not immune from these flights of fancy. This suggestion was forwarded by a pretty high ranking official: than Sir Howard d'Egville. The description begins very promisingly: "...this vehicle, while not actually a tank, is of such capacity that it would be equal, in both offensive and defense power, to a considerable number of tanks." The armour is fairly reasonable at 5 inches (127 mm), but the armament is "of great striking power, including 4 inch naval guns". The vehicle would be transported in section, and if a section was knocked out, it would be removed and replaced. While not going into details on the design, d'Egville wanted a mockup built in Canada, and then the parts manufactured in several places, to preserve secrecy.

In reply, he received a rather ruthless evaluation: "it is highly unlikely that there is anything of practical value in the idea".


  1. Knowing Canadian tank naming strategy it'd probably have been called something like the Marmot

  2. No doubt part of Canada's secret plan to march on Washington DC and conquer the United States when our countries soldiers were overseas.

  3. There's gotta be a sketch of this wonderweapon somewhere.