Tuesday 12 June 2018

Hetzer from Aquino

The fine lads from Base Borden are restoring a Jagdpanzer 38(t), and I had the luck to see it at Aquino Tank Weekend at the Ontario Regiment Museum last weekend. The tank is coloured like this only temporarily (the Flakpanzer they wheeled out last year had the same colour), but it will be painted its proper dark yellow in the end.

The hatches were open, so I got a look inside. Unfortunately, the engine compartment was empty, but it's still a good reference for modelling.

There were also some individual completed items on display, showing the final colour of the vehicle. The items propping up the table in the front are ammunition racks.


  1. Is there supposed to be such a huge gap under the gun shield or mantlet? This prompted me to look for pictures of Hetzers, and some seemed to have it, and some didn't.

  2. Just looking at that commander's closet is triggering my mild claustrophobia. D: