Wednesday 20 February 2019

F-34 Installation

"Technical Meeting Minutes
Held on September 8th, 1940, at the State Order of Lenin Comintern Factory #183

  • Factory #183 Chief Engineer, Makhonin
  • Factory #183 Deputy Chief Designer, A.A. Morozov
  • Factory #92 Senior Engineer-Designer, P.F. Muravyev
  • Factory #92 Technician-Designer, B.G. Lasman
  • Factory #183 Senior Engineer, Maloshtanov
  • ABTU Military Representative, Military Engineer 3rd Class, Baikov
Topic: comrade P.F. Muravyev's presentation regarding the possibility of installing the 76.2 mm F-34 tank gun in the T-34 turret and the conversion of the T-34 turret made necessary by the requirement that the F-32 and F-34 be made interchangeable.

It was determined that:
  1. In order to make the F-34 system lighter and ensure reliable protection of the front of the cradle, factory #92 must pull back the trunnions by 80 mm. The existing counterweight on the cradle must be minimized.
  2. In order to make the TOD sight easier to use, lower the telescope mount and the forehead rest by 50 mm.
  3. In order to make the F-32 and F-34 interchangeable, reduce the direction part of the elevation mechanism gearbox from 110 to 100 mm, keeping the distance between the trunnion axles and the main gear axle of 400 mm by using gears with tooth correction.
  4. The turret travel lock installed in the rear part of the turret must be moved, as it interferes with the brass catcher.
  5. The part of the turret under the observation device must be lifted by 26 mm and lengthened rearwards by 70 mm. Shorten the rear plate of the turret by 70 mm from the front. Change the padding of the hatch. This allows a 20 mm gap between the roof and recoil elements given the maximum recoil length of 425 mm. Move the hatch lock to the right. Move the signal hatch 15 mm to the right.
  6. In order to allow for 30 degrees of gun elevation, trim the upper part of the front plate that touches the cradle armour by 40 mm. Change the contour of the upper part of the opening.
  7. Cut out 34 mm from the right part of the gun port. Even out the bottom of the left part with the right, cutting out 39 mm.
  8. The aforementioned changes to make the F-32 and F-34 interchangeable can be carried out by factory #183, given that changes are made to the working blueprints of the F-32 gun mount.
  9. These minutes and trial blueprints of the installation of the system in the turret signed by factory #92 designers comrades Muravyev and Lesman may be considered sufficient to perform conversion for installation of the F-34 system.
  10. When producing working blueprints for installation of the F-32, it is considered necessary to have an authorized designer from factory #92 work at factory #183 to completely and fully answer any issues that crop up.
  11. Factory #92 must send factory #92 a full set of F-34 blueprints and one sample with parts and tools, built according to production blueprints.
  12. Factory #183 must send factory #92 blueprints for installation of the F-32 gun.
  13. This agreement is subject to approval by the GAU and GABTU and enters into force immediately upon approval.

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