Thursday 21 February 2019

Savin's AA Turrets

"Order of the People's Commissariat of Tank Production #26s
January 15th, 1942
  1. To director of factory #174, comrade Katsnelson: immediately stop the work comrade Savin is performing on the T-50 SPAAG.
    Designers from Savin's group are to be moved to factory #183 immediately to perform this work on the T-34 tank. All existing materials and technical documentation is to be immediately sent to factory #183.
  2. To director of factory #183, comrade Maksarev: include Savin's group of designers into the factory's staff. Ensure that comrade Savin's group can complete its work in the following times:
    1. Complete the project and working blueprints by March 15th, 1942.
    2. Produce a prototype by May 1st, 1942.
    3. Begin trials on June 1st, 1942.
  3. To deputy chief of the NKTP technical department, comrade Ginzburg: transfer materials in possession of the NKTP on work performed by Savin's group to factory #183.
Deputy People's Commissar of Tank Production, Kotin."

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