Friday 25 October 2019

Designing the T-34

My first book, Designing the T-34: Genesis of the Revolutionary Soviet Tank is available for purchase! It is currently available at the publisher's website or Amazon. Some regional Amazon sites still have it listed as a preorder, but Morton's is already shipping copies. An ebook is planned, but there is no concrete release date, so for now your only chance to get it is a good old fashioned paper copy.

It is printed in A5 format on 92 pages of glossy paper with 100 images, including full colour modern photos, blueprints, and black and white archive photo, plus 8 colour profiles by artist Thierry Vallet. 


  1. Thank you for your work. Just bought this and am excited to read it cover to cover!

    1. I have finished the book and can happily say it's worth every penny. Very good writing, and there were many things which I did not realise or know despite having been fairly interested and read into the T-34's development already.

      The information on the early prototypes was especially eye-catching. Good work Mr Samsonov!

  2. Wonderful book. many thanks for ^putting your effort in it !!!! I hope to see more of your writing !

  3. Glowing review by Ralf Raths, military historian and Director of the Panzermuseum Münser:

    quote: "This book is great, buy it"