Thursday 24 October 2019

What's In A Name?

When the T-44 was created, the 85 mm gun was already insufficiently powerful. One solution was to install a 100 mm gun, but a widened turret ring was required. The result was the T-44B tank, which eventually evolved into the T-54.

"To the People's Commissar of Tank Production of the USSR, comrade Malyshev

Factory #183 developed a modernization of the T-44 tank with reinforced armour and a 100 mm gun installed on a 1800 mm wide turret ring.

According to my information the lead designer of factory #183 comrade Morozov has already arrived in Moscow with the project materials.

I ask you to instruct comrade Morozov to deliver the materials to the Tank Directorate for review and evaluation of the T-44B project.

Deputy Commander of the Motorized and Armoured Forces of the Red Army, Colonel-General of the Tank Forces, Korobkov.
November 2nd 1944"

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