Tuesday 17 December 2019

Artillery Wishlist

"Themes for research to inventors and technologists of small arms and artillery for 1943
  1. Develop an a muzzle brake for the anti-tank rifle that also acts as a flash suppressor.
  2. Design a suppressor that can silence a gunshot past a range of 100-150 meters. The suppressor must weigh no more than 1 kg, must be removable from a machine gun without disassembly, must be simple in design, and must have minimum screw threads or deep drilling. The precision of fire must not suffer from using the suppressor.
  3. Develop a method for increasing the lifespan of light machine gun barrels. The lifespan should be 25-30 thousand rounds.
  4. Develop a new mount for the Maxim gun. The new mount must weigh 18-20 kg and provide the same precision as the current one. Other parameters must be at least on par with the current design. It must be simpler to produce.
  5. Develop a new method of attaching the barrel to the receiver of a DShK machine gun. It must be robust but also offer rapid barrel replacement.
  6. Develop a new extractor for the DShK machine gun.
  7. Simplify the design of the DShK machine gun.
  8. Develop a simple hand grenade with an impact fuse weighing no more than 400 grams.
  9. Develop an anti-tank rifle grenade with a range of 200-250 meters that can penetrate 30-40 mm of armour at 30 degrees.
  10. Develop a 7.62 mm rifle tracer-incendiary bullet.
  11. Design a 120 mm mortar with a wheeled carriage that can be towed behind a car or by horse.
  12. Design an 82 mm company mortar weighing no more than 20 kg with a range of 1800-2000 m.
  13. Design a device for inserting and extracting a charge into mortar shells of all calibers.
  14. Develop a method to repair half-segments of the upper and lower carriage of an anti-tank gun in field workshops.
  15. Design a new device or improve an old one to take apart a gun's recoil buffer that makes it safe to do so.
  16. Improve the lock that connects trails.
  17. Develop a folding or sliding 45 mm gun shield that can be deployed quickly.
  18. Design a simple device to transport ammunition to firing positions on the battlefield.
  19. Develop a flexible boresnake for small arms.
  20. Develop a universal (for all guns) system to count number of rounds fired at a reduced propellant load.
  21. Develop a universal knife for all forces. It is desirable if the function of a weapon is combined with various tools.
  22. Develop a universal toolkit for the MP, SVT, and DT weapons.
  23. Develop a fixed high capacity magazine for the SVT rifle.
  24. Develop a method to quickly seal holes in the Maxim machine gun cooling jacket. The method must be usable in field conditions.
  25. Develop a simple method of intensive machine gun barrel cooling.
  26. Develop a simple device that prevents double loading after a misfire in all existing mortars that does not require radical changes to design. The device must be simple and safe to use.
  27. Develop a moving pop-up target for snipers.
  28. Develop a device to load machine gun and PPSh magazines.
Inspector of Inventions, Major Kovachev."

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