Wednesday 28 October 2020

Double Tigers

 "American Embassy
American Military Mission

September 13th, 1944

To Major General V.N. Yevstigneyev
Chief of the Department of External Affairs
People's Commissar of Defense

Dear General Yevstigneyev,

Several weeks after the last meeting with Lieutenant General Lebedev, we learned about a number of new German tanks and SPGs. The following tanks were mentioned:

  • A combination of the Tiger and Panther tanks called Tiger 2 with an 8.8 cm K W K 43 cannon.
  • A heavy tank weighing 68 tons called "Tiger Imperial".
The following SPGs were mentioned:
  • One with a 7.5 cm StuK 42 (the same gun as installed on the Panther tank).
  • A self propelled gun on a Panther chassis.
I would be most grateful if you deliver us any information about these vehicles, similar to what you gave about the German tanks previously, so that our forces could make use of your experience in testing these new weapons.

Cordially yours,
John R. Deane
Major General, United States Army
Head of the American Military Mission"

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  1. I guess better late than never; by the time this report was issued the Western Allies had already encountered the King Tiger and Jadgpanther, though they hadn't encountered the Jadgpanzer IV with the Kwk42.