Friday 16 October 2020

Warspot Article: Sherman Jumbo

 In early 1944 the Americans decided to build a heavily armoured assault tank based on the Sherman. Instead of reviving the disappointing T14 built for the British, they simply added more armout to the M4A3 chassis. The resulting tank was indexed M4A3E2 and is more commonly known as the Sherman Jumbo. It was enthusiastically received by troops, but only 250 were built. Read more about this tank in my latest article on


  1. I'm confused by looking at some of the penetration photos. Are those unexploded rounds still sticking our of the armor?

    Also, was the German '88 mm gun' referred to as failing to penetrate the L56 or the L71? You'd think the L56 based on just comparison with the US 90 mm test results, but there were few Tiger Is left by that time (only 3 encounters with US tanks, I believe) so it would have to be the AA gun version if that. Else it would have to be the Kwk43, but it would be performing worse than the US 90 mm in testing.

    1. I believe the 88 mm guns referred to are Flak 36. As for the rounds sticking out, those were likely fused inert so they wouldn't burst anyway.