Monday 28 February 2022

Nine Years of Tank Archives

The Tank Archives blog turns 9 this year! At this point, I've published 2594 posts for a total of 6,931,512 views. The numbers don't lie, this has been my most successful year yet with over 1.18 million views! This translates into some very successful individual months as well. Over the past year I beat my monthly page view record three times, with the most successful month so far being September 2021 at 112,478 page views. Five months out of the last 12 saw over 100,000 views. Thank you, dear readers, and let's keep up this success into the tenth year!

As always, the US takes the first place in readership by a long shot, followed surprisingly by Indonesia. Germany and the UK fell to third and fourth respectively. 

My other work is also doing well. Sherman Tanks of the Red Army was finally published and Designing the T-34 is on its second printing. I already have a third book in the works and I hope I can officially announce it soon!

Tank Archives is doing well on social media as well. Twitter is at the forefront with over 21,000 followers, more than double compared to last year. Facebook is also growing, having recently hit 5000 followers. Youtube is growing the slowest of all at 1,740 subscribers, which is not unexpected considering that I post relatively infrequently.

Larger articles on also remain popular, with 11 new ones over the course of the past year. I continue to hold the top viewed tank article spot on the site with a total of five article placing in the top ten.

I haven't been up to anything radically new, but it's good to see that all the old directions are going well. Let's see what the next year will bring!


  1. Congratulations, Peter! This blog in particular is about the most informative WWII site I've ever run across! There's so much good stuff, and so much stuff that corrects the faulty information of what I and others read decades ago.

  2. Well Done on reaching this point without falling by the wayside. I'll echo Stewart in that this is a most informative website around. I have both your published books and wait to see what is coming next, it'll be an automatic purchase of course.

  3. Congratulations! Peter! I hope your work grows in popularity! I thoroughly enjoy your writing and have purchased 2 of your books, one of which, Sherman Tanks of the Red Army, was very interesting and I enjoyed it and look forward to your next one!

  4. Congratulations! You do a great job by translating all this material. I have also read both of your books, which I really enjoyed.