Wednesday 16 February 2022

Turn up the Heat

 "April 13th, 1945

Experience gathered as a result of experiments performed at the NIBT Proving Grounds and the front lines of the Patriotic War show that instructions to heat up V-2 family engines at low RPM (600-800) until coolant temperature of 50 degrees and oil temperature of 40 degrees is reached are ineffective, do not result in normal burning of fuel, and result in increased wear on components.

Heating V-2 engines at high RPM (up to 1600 RPM) by combining idling and working under load results in a higher effect and reduces the time required to heat up the engine to working conditions.

In the future, practice the following procedure to heat up a V-2 engine.

  1. With the air intake and grille closed, alternate idling and working under load:
    1. Heat in place at 600-800 RPM until the oil heats up to 10 degrees.
    2. Heat in place at 1000-1100 RPM until oil heats up to 20 degrees and the coolant is no colder than 15 degrees.
    3. Heat in motion in low gear (on the T-34 in second gear, on the heavy tank [IS-2] in third or fourth slow gear) at 1000-1100 RPM until the oil heats up to 40 degrees, after which it is permissible to use higher RPMs and gears.
  2. In case it is not possible to warm the engine in motion (when loading or unloading a train, starting from hidden or waiting positions) or if the vehicle needs to be kept in constant readiness due to the battle situation, heat the engines with closed grille and air intake in the following order:
    1. Heat in place at 600-800 RPM until the oil heats up to 10 degrees.
    2. Heat in place at 1000-1600 RPM until the oil heats up to 30-40 degrees, at which point it is permissible to move and gradually increase engine RPM and gears.
  3. If the air temperature is low, use a thinner lubricant and heat the cooling system with hot antifreeze or heater.
Deliver this directive to all tank and SPG crews in tank and mechanized units and formations.

Deputy Chief of the GBTU, Lieutenant General of the Tank Engineering Service, Lebedev
Chief of the GBTU UET, Major General of the Tank Engineering Service, Pechenikin"

CAMD RF F.38 Op.11362 D.171 L.163 with reverse
Printed in Glavnoye Bronetankovoye Upravleniye Lyudi, Sobytiya, Fakty v dokumentakh, 1944-1945 p.461

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