Friday 6 January 2023

Book Announcement: Designing the IS-2

I'm delighted to announce that my third book is now available! This is the first title released by the Military History Group, a new publisher created by notable historians Bernhard Kast (Military History Visualized) and Chris Bergs (Military Aviation History). 

This book briefly covers the birth of the Soviet heavy tank from captured British Mark V tanks to the KV-1S before describing how the IS-1 came to be, why the IS-2 replaced it in production so quickly, and why the IS-2 itself managed to hold on to its spot on the assembly line for much longer than its predecessor. Like my previous books, this one is extensively based on primary documents that have never before been available in the English language. 

The book can be purchased at or from Amazon.


  1. I wish you'd show some sample pages from inside your books. Amazon doesn't show a preview and I think it would encourage sales.