Thursday 26 January 2023

King Tiger Penetration

 "Approved by the Commander of Artillery of the 5th Guards Army
Guards Major General of Artillery Polyektov
September 11th, 1944

Results of penetration tests of the German Tiger B heavy tank (composed from data gathered by the 5th Guards Army, 13th Army, 3rd Guards Tank Army, 31st Tank Corps, 10th Independent Tank Destroyer Artillery Brigade


  1. When firing at the turret with subcaliber shot and AP shells of all the aforementioned calibers, the turret is not torn off.
  2. The aforementioned calibers do not penetrate the front armour of the hull or turret due to the sharp angle of impact (no more than 46-48 degrees). The 152 mm shell penetrated the tank's front armour at 250 meters at an angle of impact of 86 degrees near the machine gun ball. The diameter of the breach was 350 mm.
  3. The running gear (tracks, wheels) is vulnerable to all the calibers shown in the table."


  1. I take this was just on a sample captured in the field and subjected testing in the field?

    Does the angle of impact refer to a horizontal angle rather than the vertical, or a combined angle?

    1. As far as I know, this is the combined angle.