Sunday 11 August 2013

CAMD Contents

People might be curious, what does CAMD store, exactly? I've posted all manner of things. Ballistics tests, scientific papers, purchase orders, phone call transcriptions, meeting minutes, the list goes on. The answer to that is: everything. CAMD stores literally every single document that stopped being useful. Here's an example.

Even I can't read that. Thankfully, there is a handy transcription! 

"Comrade Fedorenko

I write this in the dark, the lights are off, the bombing is very heavy. Send tanks, we get some, but not enough. I ask you to arrange an apartment in Moscow for my wife.

KVs get hammered by heavy artillery. T-34s behave better in battle. We are running low on AP.



  1. That's some dark shit right there.

  2. I guess that the two names in the letter refer the commander of 85th armored brigade, Aseychev and the head of tank troops, Fedorenko respectively? Could this be the last letter written by Aseychev before he was killed in action?

    1. It's dated 1941 (I can't make out the exact date). He died in 1942, so it probably wasn't the last.