Monday 12 August 2013

Soviet Supertank: Osokin's Tank Cruiser

We already established that CAMD accepts some pretty crazy stuff. It's not all spherical tanks, though. Some of it is jetpacks, or tank catapults, or electrical armour. Some of it is this thing.

CAMD RF 38-11350-1356

Oh yes. It's like that crazy fake KV-VI project, except someone actually thought that this was a good idea. Someone that should know better, too. Osokin wasn't some kind of peasant, he was an Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel. Of the VVS, though, so hopefully his airplane engineering was at least a little bit more realistic. Let's look at the statistics of his beast.
  • Combat mass, with armament: ~270 tons
  • Armament and ammunition:
    • guns: 2*152 (160-200 shells), 5*76 (650-800 shells), 2*23 (1200 shells)
    • machine guns: 3*12.7 (4500 rounds), 14*7.62 (26460)
  • Armour thickness (in various places): 40-125 mm
  • Engines: aircraft M-30 or M-40
  • Total horsepower: 4000-6000 hp
  • hp/ton: 13.3-22
  • Area of tracks in contact with ground: 43.4 meters squared
  • Ground pressure: ~0.7 kg/meter squared
  • Maximum speed: 36-40 kph
  • Minimum speed: 4.2 kph
  • Performance:
    • elevation: up to 40 degrees
    • vertical obstacle: up to ___ meters
    • crossable trench: 9 meters
    • fording depth: 1.8 meters
  • Fuel capacity: 8400 kg of diesel
  • Operational range: ~600 km
  • Crew: 30
  • Amount of transportable infantry: 50
Water hazards can be crossed using attachable pontoons of the Epron type (soft or rigid).

Well, it looks like he stapled 4 T-34 model 1940s to two T-100-Zs and called it a day. Oh, also, this monster is 21.45 meters in length and 9.7 meters in width. You would think that an air force officer would be aware of what a juicy target this would represent. I guess that's what the 5 AA guns are for. The Red Army was also unimpressed with the project, and it disappeared into the archives.

Giganaut made a 3D model of this thing, and made it sillier in the only way possible.

Add some Katyusha rockets, because why not!


  1. As the Cobra and GI Joe also know, EVERYTHING is better with moar rockets!

    That big-ass AA gun in the middle is a cute touch too.

  2. Minimum speed? You mean they couldn't stop that thing?

    Is the maximum vertical obstacle obscured on the scan?

    1. Maybe 'minimum speed required to sustain movement', something like that the engine cannot maintain the speed slower than the line and the vehicle would just stop?

    2. Minimum speed is the speed at the lowest possible gear setting. Obviously the absolute minimum speed is zero.

      The maximum vertical obstacle is simply not there. It may have worn off, or was never filled in in the first place.

  3. More of these please Peter!

    Totally awesome!!

  4. Could Someone just make a video game that has crazy vechile designs exclusively?

    and while some rockets are being added, just for kicks how about we throw in a ring of machine guns on all the sides, and some armour on the tracks.

  5. It's like someone looked at a tank and said "hmmm needs more tank"