Sunday 15 December 2013

Factory #174 Experiments

"I report that in order to complete the request of Marshal Kulik on the production of SPGs, I received and transferred to the Chief Engineer of the factory, Military Engineer 1st class comrade Ginsburg, the following:
  1. 37 mm automatic AA gun model 1939 (ZiK-37) - 2
  2. 76 mm tank gun model 1927/32 (KT-28) - 1
  3. Blueprints for the ZiK-37 and KT-28.
  4. Dimensional samples of ammunition for the KT-28 gun and 57 mm ZiS-4 gun.
Additionally, ANIOP transferred one T-34 tank with a 57 mm ZiS-4 gun to factory #174.

I received requirements for a 76 mm SPG, a 57 mm AT SPG, and a 37 mm AA SPG. In order to complete the design, I still require the following:
  1. 76 mm AA gun model 1938 (4K)
  2. Blueprints of the 4K AA gun.
  3. Dimensional samples of ammunition for the 37 mm AA gun model 1939 (ZiK-37)
[Handwritten:] On the 3rd point, UVZA will send blueprints. On the 1st and 2nd point, UVZA knows nothing about that.

ANIOP gave us a T-34 without a TMFD telescopic sight for the ZiS-4 gun. 

Currently, the Chief Engineer has distributed tasks for design of SPGs to his subordinates, but the work is in the beginning stages. Meanwhile the due date for returning the T-34 (June 15th) has already passed. 

I ask to give an order to transfer the above items to the factory and extend the time for using the T-34 tank.

At the same time, I wish to know if there is a formal contract for the production of these SPGs, or if the factory agreed to fulfil Marshal Kulik's request without a contract.

Military representative UVNA GAU KA, Military engineer third class, Erofeev
June 15th, 1941"
CAMD RF 81-12104-112

Nothing too unusual in terms of SPG designs, but the T-34 with a 57 mm ZiS-4 is more interesting. It is unlikely that this is one of the 14 tanks identified in the article, therefore the amount of these vehicles increases to 15.

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