Thursday 19 December 2013

From Tank to Infantry

"Mechanic-driver of the 2nd tank battalion of the 10th tank brigade, Junior Sergeant Alexey Savvich Bulba

  1. Year of birth: 1921
  2. Nationality: Ukrainian
  3. Social position: Student
  4. Party affiliation: VLKSM member
  5. In RKKA since: 1940
  6. Participated in the civil war: fighting German fascism
  7. Wounds and concussions: none
  8. Prior award recommendations, if any: none
  9. Prior awards and commendations, if any: none.
Brief summary of personal heroic deed in combat:
From the very start of the Great Patriotic War, BT tank driver comrade Bulba showed courage, as a true son of the great Russian people. He drove into battle in his menacing vehicle many times.

Comrade Bulba performed his heroic deed in battle for the Volobuyevka settlement. The Germans considered Volobuyevka an impenetrable fortress. 

Driver Bulba drove his tank along with his unit. As he approached the outskirts of the village, he saw that one of the houses was a reinforced hardpoint. He alerted the tank commander, and decided to ram through the side of the building. After a strong impact, the vehicle penetrated turret-deep into the house, but was shot, and caught fire. Comrade Bulba opened the hatch, and shot three soldiers point blank. The rest panicked and fled. Comrade Bulba left the house and joined the infantry escort. With a rifle in hand, he continued pursuing the fleeing enemy. In this battle, comrade Bulba's tank destroyed 2 machine guns and up to 40 enemy infantrymen.

In combat for Peremoga, comrade Bulba once more courageously drove his tank into battle, and destroyed up to 35 enemy soldiers and officers. After his tank was damaged by an enemy shell, he managed to recover it from the battlefield. He is worthy of a government award, the Order of the Red Banner."


  1. "destroyed up to 35 enemy soldiers and officers"

  2. Okay, I'm giving him a nickname Taras. Only he seems to be mistaking Germans for Poles.