Saturday 28 December 2013

Planetary Mechanism

"To the chief of the 3rd department of GABTU
December 24th, 1940

One of the most important tasks of our scientific and engineering minds in the area of tank development is the task of making driving a tank easier, and making it more manevuerable.

Planetary mechanisms make great progress in this direction, especially on medium and heavy vehicles.

Dean of the Faculty of Armoured Warfare, associate professor, comrade Zaichik proposed a new planetary type mechanism that eases turning, increases maneuverability, and reduces fuel consumption.

Transmission controls that ease the driver's job have also been developed.

The suggestions have been approved by the Tracked Vehicles department head of the Armoured Warfare faculty, professor Christie.

Due to the relevance of the task of developing a planetary transmission for our medium and heavy tanks, we wrote to the NKV Technical Council to ask to include a section titled "Planetary transmissions with special turning mechanisms" in the plan for 1941, and issue funds to implement it.

We ask you to contact the Technical Council in order to confirm the need for this topic and development of requirements for this project.

Institute director, doctor of technical sciences, N.G. Bruevich
Faculty dean, assistant professor, candidate of technical sciences, Zaichik"

The mechanism was meant for the KV-3, but due to its cancellation, only made it into the Object 701.

And no, the USSR didn't invite Walther Christie to teach, this is Mihail Konstantinovich Christie, no relation.

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