Sunday 30 March 2014

Dancing with Tigers

You may recall a previous article where a T-60 tank fought two "Tigers". Spoiler: they weren't Tigers at all. However, later that year, the David vs. Goliath story happened again, this time with a genuine Tiger.

"Commanding a platoon of small tanks during an attack on the village of Chemodanovka near Akhtyrka, comrade Choboyan showed daring and courage, personally suppressing an AT gun. Comrade Choboyan noticed a German Tiger tank, let it come close, and knocked it out, following up by suppressing several enemy MG nests and leading an attack on Chemodanovka. His infantry did not move up with tanks. Comrade Choboyan left his tank and personally raised the infantry and led them into an attack, during which he was wounded in the head. He did not leave the battlefield until Chemodanovka was taken. 

Or his courage and resilience, comrade Choboyan is worthy of a government award, the Order of Lenin.

Commander of the 2nd Tank Battalion, 19th Guards Tank Brigade, Guards Captain Samusenko."

Wow, a T-70 taking out a Tiger! That's quite a feat for a tank one sixth of the mass. How did it manage? Schneider shines a light on what could have happened.

"23 August 1943: Two Tigers push back several attacks together with other tanks of the regiment east and northeast of Michailowka (twelve kilometers southeast of Achtyrka)...The main gun of one Tiger is put out of action."

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