Thursday 6 March 2014

T-28's Suspension

I wrote about the T-28 suspension before, and people were wondering about what it looked like and how it worked. This is how:

Fig. 76. Tracked suspension.
1-drive wheel, 2-track, 3-road wheels, 4-road wheel balancers, 5-shock absorber, 6-long lever, 7-short lever, 8-main support carriers, 9-idler, 10-track tightening mechanism, 11-return idlers

Interestingly enough, in factory documentation, this suspension is called "Krupp Suspension". Why? 

As you can see here, elements of the suspension are quite similar to Krupp's Grosstraktor. 

And yes, those are propellers you see in the rear. The Grosstraktor was amphibious. 


  1. I didn't know the Grosstraktor was amphibious! You learn something everyday:).

  2. Now I understand why the Grosstraktor's armor was so thin and why it was so fast - they hadn't thought of using floatation skirts like the later Sherman DD later used, so they had to keep the Grosstraktor as light as possible to allow it to be amphibious.

  3. I can't find any information saying that the Grosstracktor was amphibious other then on this website. Will there be a page for the Grosstractor that will go into detail on that?