Wednesday 12 March 2014

KV-3 in Evacuation

As the Germans drew closer to Leningrad in the summer of 1941, belongings of the Kirov factory began being evacuated to Chelyabinsk. One of those was a partially completed KV-3.

"Order #47 of the Kirov Factory, from June 30th, 1941
Based on the order of the People's Commissar of Tank Production, I order that:
  1. Department #1 chief must arrange the delivery of technical documentation regarding the object KV-3 and delivery of the prototype, parts, and instruments to ChTZ.
  2. The Chief Engineer of department #1, comrade Kotin, must send all Object 222 blueprints, copies, technical requirements, and calculations. Due date: July 3rd, 1941.
  3. Chiefs of Mh-1, Mh-2, Mh-3, Mh-4, Mh-6, and SB-2 must send all technical documentation on its production as of July 1st, and assemble a full description of the package, as well as devices, special instruments, parts, and assembled components in our possession. Due date: July 9th, 1941.
  4. KTO Chief comrade Rohlin, OSL Chief comrade Lepin, OTsL Chief comrade Arsenyev, and TsMK Chief comrade Kulichkin must send all technical documentation, technological processes, technical requirements, blueprints, stamps, models, and all thermally conditioned stamps, models, and parts. Due date: July 9th, 1941.
  5. Department #1 Chief Lantzberd and KTO Chief Rohlin must send the following comrades to ChTZ in order to enable the production of KV-3s.
    1. Chief technologist of Department #1, Kabardino
    2. Deputy chief engineer, Duhov
    3. Senior machinist, Pavlov
    4. PTB-1 senior engineer, Zilberg
    5. PTB-1 senior engineer, Mirkin
    6. OTK MH-2 chief, Salakin
    7. OTK MH-2 senior technologist, Sokolov
    8. MH-2 designer, Ilyin
    9. MH-4 senior technologist, Mayorov
    10. TB [text rubbed out] chief, Kalugin
    11. SB-2 senior master, Zhukovskiy
    12. SKB-2 designers, Merenkov, Schneidman, Burhanov, Shashmurin, Skvortsov, Petuh, and Sobolev
  6. SB-2 Chief (Abramov) and OP-2 Chief (Nosov) should take the KV-3 vehicle hull, put the V-2-SN engine in (take it off the 220 vehicle) and send it to ChTZ on July 7th. Send the system and optics to ChTZ, do not wait for the turret to arrive.
Factory director Zaltsmann"

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