Friday 24 October 2014

Anti-tank Posters

I've already shown some Soviet anti-tank posters, but here are some more. These are pre-war, and contain a little more information about the tank aside from where to shoot it.

First, we have a "light tank type 2", which is quite clearly a PzI Ausf. B. The dimensions of the tank and maximum armour thickness are almost correct, the weight is a bit off, but the top speed (50 kph) is completely ridiculous. The tank is credited with the ability to break a 25 cm thick tree, climb a vertical obstacle 60 cm tall, a grade of 40 degrees, a body of water 80 cm deep, and a 1.6 meter long trench, all of which are nicely represented graphically at the bottom of the image. Similar graphics show that the battalion cannon can penetrate it at a range of 1200 meters, and a machinegun can do so at a range of 800 meters. Despite the picture showing a Maxim gun, the fine print reads "with a high caliber machinegun".

Then we have a "light tank type 2 B", which is a PzII. The mass, size, and speed data is much better, than for the PzI, only the weight is a little higher than it should be. All other information is communicated in the same manner.

Now we get to an interesting one, a "medium tank type 3 B", which is an early PzIII (looks more like an Ausf. D than an Ausf. B), one that still had 8 wheels and leaf springs. Very few of these tanks were produced. Intelligence is doing its job!

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