Saturday 4 October 2014

Lend-Lease Impressions: M4A2 Sherman

I've posted a less than favourable initial impression of the M4A4 Sherman, which was confirmed in subsequent trials, but what about the M4A2, the tank that left the best impression on Soviet tankers of the ones supplied by Lend Lease?

"Note on the M4A2 tank

Positive qualities:

  1. The transmission, turning mechanisms, and suspension are reliable, and need minimal effort to maintain them.
  2. The double differential turning mechanism and brake is simple to maintain and reliable, making the tank easy to control.
  3. The two-stroke CMC diesel is economical (works on heavy fuel) and less fire-prone.
  4. The armament and amount of ammunition carried on the tank surpasses the tanks of the enemy and the T-34S.

    M4-A2 PzIII mod. 1940 PzIII mod. 1942 PzIV T-34S
    ~75 mm gun 1 - - 1 1
    50 mm gun - - 1 - -
    37 mm gun - 1 - - -
    12.7 mm MG 1 - - - -
    ~7.62 mm MG 2 2 2 1 2
    SMG 1 1 - - 1
    Shells 97 125 87 80 77
    MG rounds 9150 4050 Unknown 2700 3900
  5. Internal dimensions allow the crew to work freely, especially the gunner.
  6. The observation devices are simple, protected from rifle fire, and provide satisfactory visibility for the crew.
  7. The rubberized track has a long lifespan.
Main drawbacks:
  1. The turbocharged two-stroke CMC model 6046 series 71 diesel has M series injectors, which are not well designed, and burn (during acceptance testing in Gorkiy, over 30 hours of work, 5 of 12 injectors burned. On other tanks, the cylinders were scorched for the same reason).
  2. A lack of revolution regulators on the CMC diesels make it difficult to synchronize them.
  3. The hatches on the turret roof are cramped, and make exiting and entering the tank difficult.
  1. The M4-A2 is a superior design compared to the M3 Medium, has good speed and powerful armament, which is conveniently located in a turret.
  2. The two-stroke CMC diesels are superior to gasoline engines as they save high quality gasoline and are less prone to fire in combat.
  3. If a better diesel engine than the CMC is used, the tank will be reliable."


  1. What is the T-34S please? I haven't heard of it before

    1. Two experimental T-34s with a new gearbox carried that index, one with a 3-man turret and commander's cupola.