Sunday 12 October 2014

Remote Control

"February 17th, 1935
To the director of the Institute of GlavExProm Telemechanics and Communications and head of the Technical Institute

Minutes of the meeting on the topic of telemechanization of T-26 and T-46 tanks.

  • Director of the GlavExProm telemechanical institute, comrade Suchkov
  • Chief of the Technical Institute, comrade Mileynovskiy
  • Chief of the 2nd department of the Technical Institute, comrade Belov
  • Director of the Experimental Kirov Factory, comrade Barykov
  1. The GlavExProm ITC is considered the head organization of telemechanization of the T-26 and T-46 tanks.
  2. The main designer of the T-26 and T-46 vehicles and the driver and commander's control panels is the Experimental Kirov Factory.
  3. ITC promises to supply Kirov Factory with the necessary amount of workers for the duration of the development and to locally produce all electromechanical components.
  4. Kirov Factory and ITS promise to complete the telemechanization project by July 1st, 1935. 
  5. The cost of the T-26 project is 100,000 rubles and the T-46 is 120,000 rubles.
  6. The cost and time for production will be determined after the blueprints are completed.

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