Friday 20 March 2015

Experimental Tanks, 1933

"Report on projects of the Special Purpose Design Bureau, July 1933
  • T-39 heavy tank project. Project work 100% complete.
  • SU-14 project with B-4 gun. Project work 100% complete, working blueprints 70% complete.
  • T-26 ammunition crate project. Project work 60% complete.
  • T-26 fuel cistern. Project work 50% complete.
  • T-26 smoke tanks. Project work 100% complete, working blueprints 100% complete, sent to production.
  • T-34-1, installation of a 45 mm tank gun on the T-34. Project work 100% complete.
Design bureau chief Ivanov"

Here is a drawing of one of the T-39 designs.

As for the T-34, this isn't the WWII era T-34. It was a light maneuver tank armed with a 20 mm cannon.

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