Saturday 7 March 2015

Heroic Valentines

Most awards I've seen went to tankers driving T-34 tanks, but that doesn't mean that "lesser" tanks were ignored. For instance, here is a great application of Valentine MkIX tanks. The hero in question also had a very appropriate name.

Award Order
  1. Name: Pashirov, Valentin Dmitrievich
  2. Rank: Lieutenant
  3. Position and unit: Platoon commander in the 74th Tank Regiment of the 71st Mechanized Brigade of the 9th Mechanized Corps
Is recommended for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
  1. Year of birth: 1923
  2. Nationality: Russian
  3. In the Red Army since: 1943
  4. Party affiliation: VLKSM member
  5. Participation in battle: Patriotic War since 1943
  6. Wounds or concussions: Killed
  7. Prior awards: Order of the Red Star in 1943
Brief and specific description of heroism: Displayed exceptional bravery and heroism in battle with German invaders. When fighting on the right shore of the Dnieper, comrade Pashirov commanded a platoon of MkIX tanks skilfully to deal serious damage to the enemy in personnel and vehicles.

In battles for Khotiv, comrade Pashirov pursued the retreating enemy with his tanks, destroying up to a company of German soldiers and officers, up to 10 cars, up to 50 carts, and up to 10 machinegun nests. Personally, he destroyed 2 enemy tanks with his tank's gun. His tank was disabled, but he did not leave the tank, and kept fighting in place. The Germans attempted to capture the tank, but comrade Pashirov met them with a hurricane of fire, covering the ground with enemy corpses. Comrade Pashirov fought for five hours without giving up his tank, and met the death of heroes on the battlefield.

He is worthy of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, posthumously.

Commander of the 74th Tank Regiment, Major Rechkov
November 13th, 1943"

CAMD RF 33-793756-36

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