Wednesday 4 March 2015

SU-5 Munitions Carrier

"Experimental munitions carrier project for the SU-5
  1. Purpose:
    The SU-5 SPG (small triplex) passed trials and show promising results. This SPG can be used in a mechanized unit as well as regular artillery battery in a motorized infantry or cavalry unit. However, the SU-5-1 (76 mm mod. 1902/30 gun) carries only 8 shells on board. Other variants carry no ammunition. It is necessary to develop an ammunition carrier that has a sufficient amount of shells that follows the SPG. This carrier must have identical or greater technical and battlefield qualities compared to the SU-5. The SPG and carrier will form one fighting unit.
  2. Requirements:
    1. The carrier will be developed on the chassis of a Komintern tractor, with minimal alterations.
    2. The tactical and technical characteristics of the carrier, such as speed, clearance, maximum grade, tilt, etc. must be no lower than those of the SU-5 SPG.
    3. It should take no longer than the SU-5 to move from travel position to combat position (30 seconds).
    4. The crew will consist of 3, including a driver. If it is not possible to widen the cabin to fit 3 men, 2 is sufficient.
    5. The engine, cabin, and fuel tank must be armoured.
    6. Armour protection is equivalent to the SU-5.
    7. Considering that the Komintern can carry a 2 ton weight, the following amounts of ammunition can be carried:
      1. 76 mm: 120 rounds
      2. 122 mm: 50 rounds
      3. 152 mm: 30 rounds
        The mass for each ammunition supply ranges from 1200-1500 kg, so 500-800 kg can be used for armour.
    8. Rounds must be placed in existing containers, and containers placed in slots in ammunition racks.
    9. The vehicle must have a roof to prevent moisture from getting to the shells and ammunition racks.
    10. It must be possible to continuously pass off shells to the SPG so that the transfer of shells does not limit the rate of fire. Containers should be easy to remove from their slots.
    11. The carrier should be easily convertible between shell types (76 mm, 122 mm, 152 mm) simply by swapping slots.
    12. The carrier should have tow hooks in the front and back to tow a similar carrier or a SU-5.
    13. A DT machinegun should be installed, and 1000-1500 rounds carried for protection."

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