Thursday 30 April 2015

Fantasy Tank

Whether through a rich imagination or encountering some records discussing the other IS-3 staff from the Army Operational Research Group came up with this...thing.

As far as I am aware, no such project was ever planned, nor was there any plans at all to re-arm the IS-3 (aside from the D-25 to M-62 replacement).


  1. I guess intelligence is just being paranoid sometimes with these hypothetical scenarios.
    Also, the german 88mm would be stupid because its non-russian equipment, therefore not domestically manufactured, and the 85mm gun is just by no means powerful enough for a heavy tank, even if they refer to the BM version. The 100mm D-10 would have been the more likely choice for rearming the IS-3, even in the eyes of western intelligence. Stupid spies back then.

  2. This is typical Brit OR

    They are not saying they expect the IS-3 to ever carry these guns, it just a "thought experiment" to see what the numbers might look like with other guns