Thursday 16 April 2015

KV-3 Turret

"Minutes of a meeting with the director of the Kirov factory, comrade I.M. Zaltsmann on April 26th, 1941 on the topic of approving the KV-3 turret designed by factory #92 with an enlarged base and a 107 mm gun.
[List of meeting attendees]

Having inspected the KV-3 turret model and exchanged opinions, the meeting has come to a conclusion: the proposed model of a KV-3 turret with a lengthened base and a 107 mm ZiS-6 gun designed by factory #92 satisfies main tactical-technical requirements. The meeting considers it necessary to make the following modifications:
  1. Izhor factory (comrade Kazakov) and Kirov factory (comrade Zaltsmann) must provide a 430 mm space between the bore axis and turret roof, for which the stamping of the turret must be increased in depth by 50 mm and the turret floor lowered by at least 30 mm.
  2. Comrade Grabin must develop a shell rammer. The brass catcher can be fixed.
  3. Kirov factory must allow the installation of a loading assistance device.
  4. The commander's periscope installed on the model should be removed, and a removable observation device must be used instead.
  5. Kirov factory must include the ability to affix the gun in a rear facing position and add a travel lock.
  6. The tank must carry 50 shells.
  7. Remove the rear facing machinegun. Replace it with a port for shooting a PPSh.
  8. Keep two PPSh submachineguns in the tank with 500 rounds for each.
  9. The tank must carry 44 DT magazines.
  10. Kirov factory must obtain confirmation of dimensions from NKPS.

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