Wednesday 15 April 2015

KV-5 Engine

"Tactical-Technical Requirements
For a powerful diesel engine
  1. The diesel engine is meant to work in the KV-5 heavy tank. The dimensions of the engine are set by the Kirov factory.
  2. The diesel must produce 1200 hp at 1600-1800 RPM.
  3. The warranty period for the engine must be:
    1. 1st year of production: 250 hours
    2. 2nd year of production: 500 hours
  4. The weight to power ratio must be 0.8-1.3 kg/hp.
  5. The oil filter must guarantee 25 hours of continuous work without cleaning.
  6. The oil filter must have high quality filtering capabilities, with combined filtration through felt and paper.
  7. The position of the oil filter and oil pump must be conveniently accessible for cleaning and maintenance from the side of the engine compartment bulkhead without the need to disassemble or remove components.
  8. Oil temperature range must not exceed 20-25 degrees.
  9. Design reliable oil radiators to stabilize oil temperature.
  10. Fuel consumption must not exceed 170-180 grams per hp-hour.
  11. The fuel pump must work for a period equivalent to the engine warranty period.
  12. In order to use compressed air to start the engine, the engine must have a compressor.
  13. The engine must have a decompression device to make starting easier.
  14. The engine must allow for preliminary heating of coolant, oil, and fuel in the amounts necessary to start it up in winter, as well as the ability of continuous heating of fuel and oil after the engine has started.
  15. Tactical-technical requirements may change during the project proposal period, with the mandatory approval of all changes by BTU KA.
BTU 3rd Department Chief, Military Engineer 1st Grade, Afonin
BTU 5th Section, 3rd Department Chief, Military Engineer 2nd Grade, Solonin."

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