Thursday 28 May 2015

German Intel: Polish Tanks

Unlike the Red Army, which got sketches and dry statistics, the Polish get photographs of their vehicles and even a bit of a text blurb, even if they are mostly laconic.

Carden-Loyd type tankette (TK)

"Polish: czolg rozpoznawczy = reconnaissance tank.
Most tank battalions are composed of this tank. They are to be replaced with the improved TKS or TKF models.
Produced in Poland at: state Engineering Works."

TK (F or S) (improved Carden-Loyd TK3)

"Made in Poland. 
The most common small tank in Poland."

Light Renault tank mod. 1918 FT

"This tank is only present in a few battalions and only used for training purposes."

Renault NC27

"Improved light tanks used in Poland, could be replaced with Vickers-Armstrongs."

Vickers Armstrong's 6 ton tank type A

"License-built Polish tank built with modifications based on the English tank described in Heigl's book. This model was allegedly not kept, and the type B (single turret) is preferred."

Vickers Armstrong's 6 ton tank type B
"Polish license-built."

TP 7

"This tank is similar to the Vickers Armstrong type B, but has an improved turret."

Citroen armoured car, Kegresse mod. 1927

"This model is obsolete and will be used up by the troops."

Peugeot armoured car

"French armoured car, obsolete but still down in parades."

"Ursus" armoured car

"Produced in Poland"

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  1. really amazing tanks. this can hold enemy at distant.