Sunday 17 May 2015

Russians through French Eyes

It appears that there were enough Soviets rooting around Berlin in 1946 that the French needed to make an identification book. Clearly the artist that was given the task had some fun with it. Let's start with a fairly ordinary one.

10 - Lieutenant Tanker

Indeed, that is a Senior Lieutenant, dressed rather reasonably. His rank and file subordinate is rather... different.

14 - Tanker

The uniform isn't completely wrong, but the facial expression and Akimbo style pistols makes it look like he just walked into the wrong saloon in the Wild West.

8 - Female Auxiliary

While the artist may have seen a Soviet tank crewman from a distance, he almost certainly has never seen a woman, as this is quite obviously Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies in drag.

11 - Red Army Female Auxiliary

While the previous woman was at least clothed in a Red Army uniform, nothing except the caption implies that this is one is associated with the Red Army at all and is not, in fact, a 19th Century poet.

You can see the entire booklet here.

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