Thursday 21 April 2016

AA DShK Mount

"Photo #3: Commander's hatch with the AA machinegun mount on an ISU-122s SPG (hatch open).
Photo #4: Commander's hatchwith the AA machinegun mount on an ISU-122s SPG (hatch closed).

Even though KV tanks (and not just KV tanks) came with P-40 7.62 mm AA machinegun mounts, it took until October of 1944 for the IS series to get the same luxury, but at least it came with a caliber upgrade. 

Aside from the DShK mount, this photo also gives you a good view of the folded up MK-4 periscope used in many Soviet tanks.


  1. Yeah and all MBTs were denied of any AA mount.

    1. When Soviet MBTs were built, aircraft became too fast and well armoured to successfully engage with a heavy machinegun, while military helicopters weren't common yet. Once helicopters became common, the AA mount came back.

    2. Yes T-55 got back heavy machine gun. But I meant WWII medium tanks as MBTs.

    3. Yeah, it's weird, despite the P-40 AA machinegun mount being a well established part of Soviet production before the war, it was a rarity on KV tanks and never installed on a T-34. There were instances of the hull MG being removed and used as an AA gun, but that was just using the bipod, not a fixed mount on the turret.

    4. Would it be terribly nitpicky to point out using the term "MBT" in a WW2 context is kinda grossly erroneous...? Also seeming to recall it only really became current once heavy tanks were abandoned as a separate class anyway.