Wednesday 6 April 2016

Repair Issues

"To the Chief of the Technical Directorate of GBTU, Major-General of the Tank Forces, comrade Afonin

Despite exhaustive instructions given to the factory (GBTU Chief Lieutenant-General Vershinin's letter on January 26th, 1944 #520384, your letter on November 20th, 1943 #1142089, a letter from GBTU representative Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel Markin and my repeated requests) on the issue of repairing KV-1S, T-34, and SU-152 vehicles requiring major repairs and shipment to the army, the factory has done nothing on this issue up to now, and Acting Director comrade Solodukhin has not responded to a single letter.

The factory does not formally refuse to repair tanks, but also does not repair them, blaming a series of issues, mostly lack of personnel, lack of spare parts, and the impossibility of getting any from the Kirov factory (where, according to Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel Davidenko there are no parts for the KV-1S, T-34, or SU-152 at all).

I ask you to either back all your aforementioned letters with an NKTP decree where a strict timeline of repairs is specified, or give orders to send the tanks to NKO repair bases where they will certainly be repaired faster.

Senior Military Representative at factory #100, Guards Engineer Lieutenant-Colonel Vovk"
CAMD RF 38-11355-2214

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