Thursday 28 April 2016

Ready for Trials

"Acceptance Act #8

On August 29th, 1941, the commission consisting of chair Intendant 3rd Grade comrade M.V. Kudryavtsev and members Military Technician 1st Grade comrade F.A. Olkhov and Military Technician 2nd Grade comrade A.P. Pavlov performed an inspection of a KV-1 tank with a 76 mm ZiS-5 gun sent to the ANIOP at the Gorohovets Artillery Proving Grounds from factory #92 (Gorkiy) for the purpose of undergoing proving grounds trials on request of Interim Chair of the Artillery committee #281347s issued on August 22nd, 1941. The following items arrived:
  1. A KV-1 tank with: 76 mm ZiS-5 gun #1, assembled, tank sight #50051, 1527 (the light on #50051 is broken), telescopic sight #900, DT machinegun #138 and one machinegun mount (rear turret).
The tank has no special instruments or parts aside from a towing cable and three hatches piled up with various instruments in random order.

At the same time, two sets of documentation (for the barrel and mount) arrived, one tarp and 4 sets of tools and parts, according to the manifest.

The arrived parts appear to be functional based on a visual inspection."

Here are photos of the novelty that arrived: the brand new gun that the KV series would finish their combat career with.


  1. If F-34 and ZiS-5 have at least same balistics as ZiS-2 why does it have muzzle brake ? It seems to me that ZiS-2 has adequte big recoil system to need of muzzle brake.

    1. I assume you mean the ZiS-3. The ZiS-3 is a pretty light gun (only 1116 kg compared to the PaK 40 at 1425 kg), and even with the muzzle brake the gun has a tendency to jump, as you can see in this video

    2. Cwjian90 is correct. In addition, the ZiS-3 used the light chassis of the ZiS-2, but with the heavier 76 mm gun, requiring a muzzle brake.

    3. Thx. Now I clearly saw that jumping.