Tuesday 12 July 2016

SPG Cadet Report Card

Here is a cadet's report card, allowing you to see a glimpse of Soviet artillery training. Despite popular belief, Red Army soldiers studied a large variety of topics.

Cadet's report card, 2nd Rostov Self Propelled Artillery School
Comrade Tyutin

Registered as a cadet of 15th Battery by order #483 on November 2nd, 194_
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Last name: Tyutin
Name: Georgiy
Patronym: Ignatyevich
Year of Birth: 1917
  • General: 7 years
  • Military: regimental school
Party affiliation: VKP(b)
Nationality: Russian
In the Red Army since: 1938

  • Political Education
    • Great Patriotic War
    • General education with cadets
  • Tactical Education 
    • Front-line patrol and scouting firing positions
    • Actions of the gun in a battery accompanied by infantry and tanks
    • Actions of the gun in a battery as a reserve in defensive battle
    • Self propelled artillery on the march in anticipation of battle
    • Staff work, communication officer's work
  • Firing Education
    • Artillery materiel
      • Design of the optical sight, practical work on calibration, preservation, and maintenance.
      • Purpose and design of shells, propellants, casings, explosives, and fuses.
      • Inspection and preparation of ammunition for action, storage and transportation of ammunition
      • Purpose and design of the combat unit
      • Inspection of materiel and the combat unit in various conditions
      • Preparation of the materiel for battle and calibration of the optical sights
      • Rules of maintenance, cleaning, and preservation of materiel.
    • Gunnery:
      • Observation, rangefinding, target marking
      • Preparation for direct fire and rules of direct fire at stationary targets
      • Same, but for moving targets
      • Preparation for indirect fire and fire correction based on observation of shell impacts
      • Combat gunnery exercise
    • Gunnery service
      • Practical gunnery exercise
      • Firing directly at a stationary target
      • Firing at a moving target
      • Working as a gun commander during direct fire at a stationary target
      • Working as a battery commander
      • Working as a gunner during direct fire as a part of a platoon or battery
      • Working as a commander during indirect firing
      • Practical knowledge of signals, controls, and formations.
  • Military Topography
    • Plotting symbols
    • Simple terrain measurement techniques
    • Orienteering without a map
    • Map scales
    • Reliefs
    • Orienteering with a map
    • Composition of graphical documents
    • Coordinates
    • Working with maps
    • Navigation by azimuth
  • Military Chemistry
    • Using protective equipment and cleaning the SPG of contaminants
    • Work of an SPG platoon commander in the conditions of an enemy chemical attack
    • Chemical weapons of the German army
  • Military Engineering
    • Roads, column paths, bridges, and crossings
    • Fortification and closed firing positions
    • Concealment of self propelled artillery
    • Anti-tank obstacles and their removal
    • Demolitions
  • Basic Training
    • Individual soldier training
    • Practice commanding: a rifleman, a squad, a platoon
    • Instruments, preparation and instruction of one soldier, a unit, a platoon
  • Physical Training
    • Hand to hand combat
    • Ski training
    • Swimming and fording
    • Gymnastics
    • Organization and execution of physical exercises
    • Organization and execution of daily morning exercises
  • Medical Training
    • Using an individual medical kit in various conditions of combat
    • Providing medical assistance to self or others in battle
  • Radio Training
    • Preparation for setup, receiving, transmission, and tuning into a frequency
    • Practical usage of radio documents
    • Practical work with a tank's radio station in place and in motion, using the intercom for internal and external communication
    • Practical exercise in correcting problems, maintenance, and preservation of radio stations
  • Manuals
    • Knowledge of the internal service manual
    • Knowledge of the garrison manual
    • Knowledge of the discipline manual
  • Technical Training
    • Materiel
      • Design of an engine and its systems, tuning and service, resolving breakdowns of the engine and associated systems, outside of the vehicle
      • Same, from inside the vehicle
      • Design of the transmission, electric system, tuning and service, outside of the vehicle
      • Same, from inside the vehicle
    • Usage
      • Usage and service of the vehicle in various conditions, especially service in the fall and winter periods
      • Same, but in the spring and summer periods
    • Repairs
      • Assembly and disassembly of components
      • Field repairs
    • Driving
      • Driving of wheeled vehicles
      • Driving of auxiliary vehicles
      • Driving of special combat vehicles
  • Final exam
    • Political training
    • Tactical training
    • Gunnery training
    • Technical training
    • Military chemistry
    • Military topography
    • Communications

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