Wednesday 5 July 2017

KV Tank Markings

"To the chief of the "Balance" operational department

In order to more easily control and identify fighting and transport vehicles, the Commander of the Army's Armoured Forces gave the following order:
  1. For tank units, introduce the following identification marks:
    1. 1st TC and 8th G.TBr: Rhombus
    2. 26th TC: Circle
    3. 4th TC: Square
      drawn on in white paint on the side and rear of the turret. The size of the marks is 50 cm, with a 5 cm thick outline.
  2. Assign the following letters to brigades:
    1. 89th TBr: А
    2. 117th TBr: Б
    3. 159th TBr: В
    4. 3rd G.TBr: Г
    5. 44th MSBr: Д
    6. 29th TBr: Е
    7. 157th TBr: Ж
    8. 216th TBr: З
    9. 14th MSBr: И
    10. 45th TBr: К
    11. 69th TBr: Л
    12. 102nd TBr: М
    13. 4th MSBr: Н
    14. 22nd MSBr: О
    15. 1st G.TP: П
    16. 2nd G. TP: Р
    17. 4th G.TP: С
  3. Each tank should have a sequential number. The numbers should be as follows:
    1. 1st TC: 1-210
    2. 3rd G.TBr: 210-280
    3. 26th TC: 280-490
    4. 4 TC: 490-700
      Each brigade should have 70 numbers reserved, starting with the number of the brigade. The letter code should be the numerator and the number code should be the denominator inside the outline.
  4. For wheeled transport, establish the following ranges:
    1. 1st TC: 1-600
    2. 3rd G.TBr: 600-750
    3. 26th TC: 750-1200
    4. 4 TC: 1200-1600"
The resulting markings looked like this: